BeanCash (BitBean) Massive Faucet List

This is a massive list of Beancash faucets.

Beancash faucets can help you get free beancash. This is a list of the best faucets you can find right now!

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What is Beancash?

Official website:

Ticker: BitB

Price: Coinmarketcap

Formerly known as Bitbean (rebrand in 2015), BeanCash is a Proof of Stake cryptocurrency with a maximum supply of BeanCash.
Beancash is a fast, simple to use coin with big blocks to ensure transactions are quickly processed.

What are BeanCash faucets?

Beancash is a coin for people that want to use a fast, cheap currency to pay for things online. Beancash faucets distribute free Beancash so you can get familiar with the coin before buying or investing. Faucets are websites that allow you to claim free coins as long as you have a Beancash wallet which you can use to receive beancash crypto. The official wallet can be downloaded from the website. With the official wallet you can also stake, which allows you to earn extra coins.

Beancash faucet list

1 Thecryptofaucet

thecryptofaucet beancash faucet dice roll

Easy, high paying faucet that pays in Beancash directly to your wallet. Withdrawal minimum is very low which makes this a great faucet to earn with.
This faucet also allows you to answer surveys and watch videos to get more Beancash. This requires a verification which you automatically get approved for if you claim a few times.

2 BeanCash Turbo Faucet

beancash turbo faucet

This faucet is another easy one to claim. Claim a few Beancash every 6 hours. Just enter your wallet address and press claim to get your withdrawal. Withdrawals are done in batches so it might take a while before it is send. Share the site with friends to make withdrawals go faster. They are done in batches of 10.

3 BTCPop

btcpop beancash faucet

Sign up for the site, navigate to faucets and open the faucet. After opening insert your BTCpop username and you can claim. The claim is send to your BTCPop account. If you keep the coins on BTCPop they get stake automatically without having to do anything on your part.

4 StakeCube

stakecube beancash faucet

This website regularly has a faucet open for Beancash. Sign up and make an account. Navigate to the faucets and you can claim. Just like BTCPop, you can automatically stake your coins here.

Trusted Beancash Exchanges.

Looking to start exchanging your Beancash cryptocurrency? Maybe you want more after you tried using it, or you want to sell it for another coin. In that case you need to use an exchange.
These are trustworthy exchanges in which you can exchange Beancash.



This is the biggest BeanCash faucet list.

Do you have more we should add? Tell us in the comments!

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