Who is Rune Evensen?

A few days ago Coss.io locked up all funds and refuses to let anyone withdraw.

The notice?

“Upgrading to a new system”.

This is not anything big to worry about normally, but the circumstances are suspicious.

The problem in short:
Coss is an exchange that has a dedicated coin. Think like Binance with BNB, and Kucoin with Kucoin shares. Coss has the Coss token.
Coss previously merged their token with LaLaToken. LaLaToken, like the name implies is a shitcoin that failed. The merge was a quick way to keep LaLaTokens investors happy and shafting Coss investors. But who cares? Why is it so important that Coss locked up the funds for a month? It is just a server change this time right?

Who owns that crapshow? Why are people so scared of an exit scam?

Coss investors are desperate for good news. While the intentions were good of investors in Coss, the exchange was buggy, glitchy and missed tons of features. This was negated by providing negative marketing making fees and more bonuses. Coss token holders also got a stake of the profits of the company. There has been a lot of bad news surrounding Coss. Ask anyone on social media about Coss and they will blatantly disregard the exchange.

Coss moderators are trying to keep the investors quiet, and are muting every single opinion they can find on social media. We at Cryptodream don’t care, we will show you who Rune Evensen actually is, and what he is trying to hide for you.

Who is Rune Evensen?

Rune, otherwise known as the CEO of Sitetalk/Unaico/Enigro.

He is a shrewd man, looking to make quick bucks before his crypto adventures. Hopping from one MLM (pyramid) scheme to the next one, trying to bring in as many customers (victims) as possible.
One day Rune realizes that its smarter to make your own scam, instead of joining others. He and his buddies start Sitetalk.

Sitetalk is a MLM website in which people can buy a package. In that package they find products they can use to sell stuff online. Think about things like traveling, webhosting and the likes. That is all fluff. The main way to earn with their program is selling other people a package just like yours. This is what we call a pyramid scheme in plain english.

These are some hard accusations you might say. Lucky for us Rune forgot to copyright strike a couple videos. (Dont worry Evensen, I got them backed up).
Here we have a great video in which Rune will tell you that you should invest in Sitetalk. Remember that every penny people dropped into this would go directly into his pockets.

Direct link to video on Vimeo

More information about the scam he was promoting:

Do you guys remember OneCoin?

I do, and so does Rune. His buddy, Sebastian Greenwood was a top seller for OneCoin.
Unfortunately Rune deleted his connection with Sebastian Greenwood on LinkedIn after Sebastian got arrested and extradited to the US.

After a bit of digging I can find a connection between the two, and it shows that Sitetalk is the leading red wire in all of this. This is the place the scammers found like minded people.
rune evenson connection sebastian greenwood


On a side note, it was funny to see that Sebastian didn’t realize that when you comment your name shows above your comment, making it useless to self promote.

This is Rune Evensen.

Rune is just a MLM scammer, that is now trying to get rich in the cryptocurrency world with subpar products, while promising investors riches. This is an usual game for him, and when he cant milk anymore money out of a community he will make up new stuff to keep it going.

This is perfectly in line with the “merge” and unannounced service maintenance. In fact, this is a typical thing in pyramid schemes.


What do you think of all this? Is Rune a scammer?


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