Get Your Free Crypto Grant From Brave!

Brave Browser is a browser for Windows, Apple, Android and ios.

This browser comes with a free cryptocurrency grant of $5 just for installing the app on your phone and registering for Brave Ads.

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What’s┬áthe catch?

You have to be a first time user.

So what is Brave Browser exactly?

Brave browser is a new browser build on Chromium focused on privacy and tipping content creators. To help the ecosystem you can enable ads, and you will receive Bat automatically whenever you see an ad. The browser has a built in adblocker so you won’t see ads on any website such as Youtube, Google or Facebook. The ads that the browser will show you (which is optional!) are shown by notification. The Bat you receive can be given to Youtube publishers, or for another example, this website. If you want you can also keep the Bat and send it to your personal wallet to hold it or exchange it for another coin. This is a great way to get some free cryptocurrency.

Brave Browser Features:

  • Build in adblocker
  • Build on Chromium, fast!
  • Heavily increased privacy compared to default browsers
  • Get paid in bat to receive notifications from companies.
  • Build in BAT Cryptocurrency wallet
  • Tip your favorite creators or artists with BAT

example of balance on brave publisher dashboard

How long will it take before I get my rewards?

Wait up to 30 days. You will automatically receive your rewards in your BAT wallet.

Can I withdraw the funds?

Yes, you can withdraw it to an external wallet after verifying your account with Brave.

How many accounts can I make?

You can install Brave on each device you own.

I’m┬ánot getting any free BAT to my wallet?

Some countries are unsupported. Be patient, they will be added in the future.

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