This Phone Scammer Is Playing 4D Chess! (MCX.LTD SCAM)

You get a call on your cell phone.

Because its a weird number you don’t pick up and just decide to let it ring. After googling the number you find out its a scam phone number. If you call it, you are paying massive fees. But you are a smart guy and googled it. The phone number is on multiple websites, and for some weird reason, one of those sketchy phone websites displays a text:

This is what happened to user u/Kalix on Reddit.
Curious as he was, he decided to investigate. He went to visit the website, and log in on the website. There he found a mining interface:

In the mining interface you can see that the user earned around 4.9 BTC. Quite some earnings right?
When trying to withdraw the website throws an error. Minimum withdrawal is 5 BTC. Meaning, that the user has to deposit to get the BTC out. The website owner is hoping greedy people will deposit the 0.01 BTC so the admin can run off with the money.

The website administrator also uses bots, which he deploys on Discord to lure in unsuspecting people that want to help a stranger with getting his withdrawal out of the website.

Funny enough we could actually log in to the Admin ticket area by visiting Here you can see support tickets and more.

In short, don’t join MCX.LTD.

2 thoughts on “This Phone Scammer Is Playing 4D Chess! (MCX.LTD SCAM)

  • December 8, 2019 at 3:11 pm

    Very elobarate scam!thanks for the headsup

  • December 10, 2019 at 2:06 am

    u have ti be quite stupid to believe things like this are real but I got to admit this is a pretty smart move.
    I googled first and found this post so thanks for helping me safe me money.


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