Vertcoin Got 51% Attacked!

Vertcoin got 51% attacked, again!

It has been a bad couple months for Vertcoin, they got 51% attacked before, and it happened again.
In the incident that happened a few hours ago, an attacked almost forked the coin.
The organisation confirmed 5 double spend transactions totalling 125 Vertcoin worth $29.

What is a 51% attack? When an attacker has more than 51% of the hashingpower he/she can control the blockchain. This allows him/her to double spend coins, or block transactions from happening. This also allows the attacker to rewrite the chain.

Almost a year ago Vertcoin also got 51% attacked losing users over $100.000!

The attack was done with miners rented from Nicehash. This shows that Vertcoin is suspectible to 51% attacks and you should not hold this coin.

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