Ethereum Developer Virgil Griffith Released From Jail – Facing 20 Years

Virgil Griffith got arrested for helping North-Korea circumvent US sanctions with cryptocurrency and blockchain technology.

Right now, Virgil is released from jail on bond.
Virgil’s lawyer confirmed this news on Twitter. He also added that they deny every accusation.

Virgil got warned before he got arrested.

In Fridays complaint, Virgil Griffith already got warned to not give any presentation about blockchain in North-Korea.
The presentation was named “Blockchain and Peace” in which he was accused that he was explaining North-Korea on how to trade with South Korea by using cryptocurrency and blockchain. This was done despite knowing he would get into trouble with the US government.

Virgil got arrested for ‚Äúviolating the International Emergency Economic Powers Act (IEEPA)” and if they convince him for violating US sanctions he can get up to 20 years in prison.

Brian Klein, famous crypto lawyer, is supporting Virgil Griffith in his trials.
brian klein tweeting about virgil griffith

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