EOSPlanet Ditching EOS For Ebakus

EOSPlanet is running into high fees when maintaining the app, so they are moving onto Ebakus.

When EOSPlanet started, the devs could only pick between a few platforms, and EOS was the most viable option at the time.
Now, with many alternatives it makes sense to start looking at alternatives.
Their choice has landed on Ebakus.

Another problem was that users had to understand EOS to even use EOSPlanet (Which made sense to me).
Not every user will feel like watching a Youtube video to understand the basics of EOS which means that EOSPlanet loses out on profit.
This makes this move mostly a strategic move. Unfortunate about the name tho!

Right now its unclear if the game will restart or if they will continue where the game left off. Lets see what will happen.

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