Dash Core Senior Advisor MooCowMoo Vanishes With Investor Funds!

While Dash already had a less than stellar reputation they got themselves into a new problem.

This time, Dash Core senior advisor MooCowMoo vanished with investor funds totaling over thousands of dollars.
A few days ago a member posted on a Dash forum about the services MooCowMoo provided. Apparently the masternode service that MooCowMoo ran was not viable, and he was quitting the service. Users would have been refunded completely and the service would be shut down.

To this day, those users never received any Dash back at all.
MooCowMoo was a prominent figure in the Dash community, and even had a place on the official website.

MooCowMoo listed on official dash core website

To be honest here, you shouldn’t trust a cow with money. He is probably spending it on organic hay, grass fed by the farmer.

You would think that the Dash Core team members would take this seriously.

After all this was a team member that vanished with the funds, they should take responsibility.

But again, with the less than stellar reputation they already have they didn’t take this serious at all.
Take a look at their response to the problems the customers face below.

DashCore screenshot conversation

“There is power in numbers”

Sucks to be that guy that has to read that nonsense while you just lost money on a scam from an official member of the Dashcore team.
Now you would think that would be the stupidest mistake to make, but Joel Valenzuela (Chief editor Dashnews) can’t contain himself and is spouting nonsense on his Twitter like: “Fakenews!!!!!!!1111” as response to the original article that uncovered this problem.
Jon Dashnews spouting bullcrap

Spoiler Joel, its real and you are just denying it. 

But what is so juicy that makes Joel look so stupid? 8 hours after he shared that crap about fake news he retweeted fake news himself!

Joel not doing his research
Joel, how ironic.

In all respect Joel I don’t think we should trust your news sources anymore if you retweet crap like that.

Dash is in full damage control right now after this news got picked up, and is removing all mentions of MooCowMoo from their Github pages. They already changed the official status of MooCowMoo to community member instead. Fishy!

I think its safe to say, that MooCowMoo did a Mine and Dash.

This article will be updated when there is more information available.

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  • December 9, 2019 at 10:34 pm

    “Mine and Dash” LOL


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